To travel through an area with a loud subwoofer optimized for low frequency tones.
"I'm beatin' down yo block"
by SmartPoints May 08, 2009
Slang term meaning bad, or horrible. See wack.
"I had after school detention day for 2 hours. It was so beat."
by tbbbbbb. November 06, 2008
to be in a sorry state, un liked , unpopular , not cool , undesired, not what you want, jays life
tom: yo i broke my arm
ed: thats beat
by Spartan1320 July 26, 2007
The term for a human being with extraordinary talent and passion and also happens to be unbelievably attractive.
Where is BEATS when you need her? this project is impossible!
I don't know man, maybe if we think "WWBD?" we can figure it out!
Oh wait here BEATS comes now!
Wow BEATS, you're the fucking bomb!
by dongyouling November 29, 2013
(v) the act of being totally out of it, hungover, sleep-deprived, or anything of that matter.
Bill: Yo did you see that guy that just walked by us looking like shit
Joe: Yeah, man. He looked totally beat.
by Mumbles Gratzia August 05, 2013
Something of low quality. Can also include getting skimped with a drug deal.
"You're car is beat. It's a piece of shit"

Sam: "you fucked Erica?"
John: "Dude she's beat."
Sam: "yeah she's been with every guy."

"My subs are shot. They barely bump anymore. They're beat."

"I got beat today by some drug dealer. Took my money and left."
by AyeNico June 28, 2013
The instrumental backing track recorded by a producer and used by a rap or hip-hop artist for performance or recording. Traditionally, the beat is composed before the rhymes and is used by the rapper as an inspiration for his words.
This dope producer played him a CD full of beats. He picked a joint he thought he could flow with.

producer rap joint flow track dope
by Dr. Be November 14, 2010

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