Pounding bass frequencies at regular or irregular intervals in a piece of music. Often timed to changes in dance motions, or light-show action. Calculated frequency is expressed as beats per minute.
The pounding beats moved him to dance.
by Majuju July 09, 2003
A combonation of Drums, Bass and other instruments used in Rap and/or Hip Hop.
Have you heard Young Beats? that dude drops FIRE!,

I get my Beats from Young Beats.
by Word of the People702 December 22, 2009
Tired, Exhasted; Bad, rough.
I am so beat, I really need to go to bed.

That was beat, how could he do that?
by F Squared March 04, 2005
1. When a bowl of pot is spent, or contains to more hits, when it is gray and ashy.
2. To describe a situation, object, action or person.
3. An overused term by teens in Williamsville.
This bowl is beat, lets pack another.
He robbed you? Thats beat yo.
This party is beat, lets go chill elsewhere.
Ashley is so beat, no one likes her.
by a p3rson June 04, 2007
Another word for 'have sex'.
Commonly used with the phrase, (usually from an overconfident male) "You tryna lemme beat?" When likely the girl responds, "Back off, my father is a policeman."
Bret Michaels asked a woman in the local Wal-Mart, "Hey baby, you tryna lemme beat?"
To which she responded, "No you washed-up one-hit wonder, you're blocking the cereal aisle."
by Staplers December 19, 2009
To Be Sprung Over A Girl.
To Fall In Love Real Quick.
"You beat for the girl alredy?"
"y0 she got you beat my nigga"
by Markus07201 February 14, 2008
a '50s literary movement that produced many a great novelist, and many a hack poet
Bukowski was a great writer, but his poetry is pedestrian.
by Peter Parker November 13, 2003

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