a term of endearment. used between people in love. can be used by any and recommended for all. a very cute term you dont hear very often, to describe the one you love as being all yours :)
girl: hey handsome, i love you!
boy: girl you my booskie, my bay, my love :)

booskie baby love wife girlfriend husband boyfriend partner cutie sexy beautiful handsome
by allyourgirl October 11, 2010
Bay is a cute lovable boy!! Somebody who everyone else sees as annoyinng boy!! Quite often gets made fun of and called gay because it rhyes with his name. Doesn't get many girlfriends! When he gets them he treats them wrong. He makes a horrible mistake and dumps the one who saw him for him! He is sweet at times and knows when to throw in adorable comments. He always sticks up for you when your down!! Knows how to throw cute little things that makes you like him more. Overall he is the most amazing person you could ever ask for to be yours!! I will never forget 2-14-13 to 4-11-13:'(
Bay: I'm not saying I don't love you because I do love you
Me: I love you too awww

Him:your cute like your book bag says
Me: thanks tehehe
by Ff123 May 18, 2013
A classic example of a southern belle. Smart, funny, and always incredibly attractive, she's a keeper. While easy on the eyes, they are not afraid to speak their minds, and often do so without any hesitation. Fiery, but also full of intense love, they are caring and full of devotion. Also, they exhibit an uncharacteristic affinity towards popular culture, and can become diehard fans of, for example, Star Wars.
I finally found a Bay that I can bring home!

I hope when I visit Texas, I find a nice Bay to marry.
by Mjolnir62 March 14, 2010
what we call our significant other and anything that you think resembles cuteness :)
bay ran, bay dez, engaged
by Bay RANDEZ19 December 15, 2010
BAYS is an acronyms for: Back At You Soon.
Back At You Soon means: I'll text or call you back ASAP.
Had 2 w8 4 a red-lite 2 read ur text.
Cant chat now, Im driving......BAYS
by DJ SLODRAGG November 21, 2011
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