A contraction for the phrase 'Back at ya.' Used most often in street language
Person 1(to person 2 who is looking fly)- "You look fly today"

Person 2( to person 1 who is also looking fly)- "Bay"
by CollinE November 16, 2008
.. an early VW van with a "BAY" (1 piece) front screen
.. hey surf dude..nice BAY .. i got a splitty back in m yard
by Jeff Essex October 09, 2007
much like the word nur, bay is for anyone to lazy to repeat themselves or respond dignifiably. Or if the person doesnt want to participate or respond with an answer.
Chris: hey you wanna get wasted this weekend?

miller: uhhhh. BAY!
by miller75 April 21, 2009
a trio of individuals known by their peers as Blake, Anish, and Yooni
Man those three are so cool, I wish I could one day be a part of BAY.
by B.A.Y. August 10, 2008
pairing of bob and ray from mcr
(a form of homo fan_fiction
kate:i was reading a frerard yesterday
jane:yeah i was checking out this bay it was pretty good.
by emoliciouspunkprincess August 02, 2008
Good pair of Breasts
"did you see her bays", "Hey,nice bays", "she had no bays"
by RAFA May 31, 2003
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