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upon responding to a stupid act or phrase, you reply with daysh, or dooge with a motion of the hand resmbling a gun with the middle and index finger
"oh my god dude, i have SO much homework to do tonight i wont be able to come out."


by miller75 April 21, 2009
errrrrrrrrrrrrrighteeeeeee is just a prolonged "alrighty" and is used when hearing something shocking or astounding. It can also be used when being ignored or responding to a statement that is facetious or disrespectful
"Dude i want you to burn in hell because i hate you."



"Is our homework due tomorrow?"

"I dont give a rats ass."

by miller75 April 21, 2009
much like the word nur, bay is for anyone to lazy to repeat themselves or respond dignifiably. Or if the person doesnt want to participate or respond with an answer.
Chris: hey you wanna get wasted this weekend?

miller: uhhhh. BAY!
by miller75 April 21, 2009

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