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means light in Arabic. can be used in male and female names.
Check out Nur, she's such a hottie!
by catatonic_monkey March 19, 2005
Light, from the reflection of something that occurred brightness
A friendly person and crazy person.
You're awasome Nur !bı
by rainbow21 July 05, 2014
Care for someone; Lower level of love; Really into; Good; Interest in.

Derived from "in ur" -- "i nur".
Hey girl, I really nur that photo of you.
by ravenkiko April 16, 2011
A really bad ass word that comes from a keyboard when a person miss-spells Bye, when their fingers are one key to the right on the home row. (asdf gh jkl;) but instead (sdfg hj kl;')
Guy 1: Ok guys i gotta go, see ya later!
Guy 2: k bye!
guy 3: bye
guy 4: nur
by singliz October 03, 2006
v.- to nur someone. "Nur" is an outburst of expression that can only be used by certain people who have the nur authority.
"Don't you nur me!"
"You don't have the nur authority"
Person 1:"You need to comb your hair."
Person 2:"NUR!!"
by xdisenchanted XX November 30, 2006
nur means anything you want it to mean
my mom was like clean tha house and nur nur nur....
by Ariana & Brandi February 27, 2005
An answer expressing mutual affection, used as a more affectionate replacement to "I love you too"
While cuddling:
"I love you"
by Kingky October 15, 2007
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