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what we call our significant other and anything that you think resembles cuteness :)
bay ran, bay dez, engaged
by Bay RANDEZ19 December 15, 2010
v. slang for pirating, being pirated, leaked, etc.
Person 1. Duuude, Veil of Maya has been totally bayed. :O
Person 2: Waaaat!?
by mesherder February 14, 2012
an abbreviation for Back At You
hey, you're sexi
bay baby ;)
by mysteriousmystery February 07, 2011
when a gay man can be turned on by a woman visually, but can not bring him self to have sexual intercourse with the opposite sex.
narr im bay
by goldfishbowl1992 November 23, 2010
Adjective describing the transition point of a young boy between being in the closet and admitting he's gay by claiming he is bisexual.
"Has Max admitted he's gay yet?"
"Kind of; he's bay for now."

"Oh. It's only a matter of time, then."
by Full Frontal Faggot November 11, 2009
a group of three individuals who are formerly known as blake, anish, and yooni. formed during their sophomore year at bergen academies, this group has grown into a more formidable and popular role in society. they are known famously for their life-threatening missions and commitment to uphold confidential information. future plans of this group include a senior trip to the city of tokyo, japan
man i heard yooni wanted to leave BAY. now who in the right mind would ever wanna do that???
by B.A.Y. May 31, 2007
much like the word nur, bay is for anyone to lazy to repeat themselves or respond dignifiably. Or if the person doesnt want to participate or respond with an answer.
Chris: hey you wanna get wasted this weekend?

miller: uhhhh. BAY!
by miller75 April 21, 2009