A fictional character of DC Comics who resides in a fictional world known as Gotham City. By day he is Bruce Wayne; a popular and wealthy businessman that heads 'Wayne Enterprises'. By night he is the vigilante known as Batman; a man determined to rid the city of crime and avenge his parents' death doing it.
Batman works fine on his own, he doesn't need that pussy fruitcake Robin tagging along.

by TwentyFour November 09, 2007
When you fuck somebody and then kill their parents in the same dark ally
How many times did I have to tell that family to quit cutting through my ally singing show tunes before finally had make a Batman happen?
Spider-man) Superman Hot Carl Rusty Trombone Angry Pirate Houdini
by A Guy like Me July 03, 2016
Batman is an American television series, based on the DC comic book character of the same name.The series starred Adam West as Batman/Bruce Wayne and Burt Ward as Robin/Dick Grayson.In their disguises as Batman and Robin respectively,the two crime fighters (also known as The Dynamic Duo) defend the citizens of Gotham City from the various criminals and supervillains of the city.The series aired on the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) network for three seasons from January 12, 1966 to March 14, 1968, and 120 episodes were produced in total.

Recurring villains:
Whilst Batman and Robin faced numerous criminals and supervillains in their war on crime, they would often come across certain master criminals more often than others.The following are examples:
1. Joker -- played by Cesar Romero
2. Riddler -- played by Frank Gorshin
3. Penguin -- played by Burgess Meredith
4. Catwoman -- played by Julie Newmar
5. Mad Hatter -- played by David Wayne
6. Egghead -- played by Vincent Price
7. King Tut -- played by Victor Buono
8. Zelda the Great -- played by Anne Baxter
9. Marsha, Queen of Diamonds -- played by Carolyn Jones
10. Louie the Lilac -- played by Milton Berle
11. Shame -- played by Cliff Robertson

***Note:Many of the villains that featured in this Batman TV series were INVENTED specifically for this series and are NOT part of the established Batman universe (or at least they were not at the time they debuted in this series).***
Kato: (during the big fight between Batman, Robin, Green Hornet, Kato, and Colonel Gum's Henchmen, Robin punches Kato sending him to Green Hornet) "It's a good thing those guys are on our side, even though they don't know it."
Robin: (after being hit by Kato, Robin stumbles into Batman) "It's a good thing those guys aren't in town every week."
by The Centurion October 03, 2014
A man who will only whip his dick out in the dark. (It comes out at night like a bat) Whether it's for sexual reasons or just to catch a breeze, this organ stays hidden during the daylight.
Hey, wanna have some afternoon delight?

No, it's too bright in here.

What the fuck, Batman!?!?
by Brian Zard April 24, 2014
To be "Batmaned" is to be Physically beaten so bad that you are near death or incapacitated, just as the superhero Batman demonstrates when fighting villains.
"Did you see that fight? That kid got Batmaned!"

"I swear I'm gonna Batman him if he keeps talking shit!"
by Dark Rob December 27, 2013
He is the hope for those who lie in darkest despair. He is the man who stands in the way of injustice. He is the scourge of evil, and the vector of justice who fights back against those who would do harm to the innocent, for if he does not, no one else will. He is a hero. He is Batman.
Batman constantly puts his life on the line to keep the citizens of Gotham safe.
by Just another fan June 30, 2013
Lucas is BATMAN he saves Gotham city at night and during the day is a seventh grader. Bob Kane documented his life and to hide his actual identity changed his name to Bruce Wayne.
Friends: NOOOO
Lucas: (Saves Gotham) told you I was BATMAN.
by Batperson June 20, 2013
-Batman is a DC comics super hero and quite possibly the most badass thing ever created.

-Batman has several movies and games such as "The Dark Night" and "Batman Arkham City".

-Batman's real identity is Bruce Wayne. A billionaire, playboy, philanthropist.
Friend- "Dude, wanna watch a movie"

Me- "No, i'm playing COD"

Friend- "I rented Batman The Dark Night"

Me- "HELL YEA. I'll get the popcorn and soda"
by rage'n'dane January 15, 2013
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