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A totally awesome article of clothing. Almost anybody who wears a cape will look cool, and anybody who is badass can greatly benefit from wearing either a cape, cloak, or trenchcoat, and of course, having long hair. Having a sword would help, but you'll probably get arrested for that.
That dude with the cape is so freakin' awesome. Some kid said he looked stupid, just because he doesn't dress like everybody else, but when he turned that kid into a mangled mess on the floor, he looked totally badass. Nobody messes with him now! :)
by The dark lord G June 15, 2006
n: when the lips of a womans vagina are so loose and long, that they resemble capes that a super hero may wear.
this chick was so loose that her capes were flapping in the wind.
by Senior Suave July 14, 2009
Cape (vb): To escape from a situation utilising a mixture of speed and fabric.

The kind of person who capes out of a situation will usually, but not exclusively, be: Tall, dark, brooding, sinister, quiet ect. They will also perform the move with such skill that most of the time people will be left in a state of confusion or yelling 'WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?'
There were too many guards, so he turned round and decided to cape away into the night.
by Furious Ming December 30, 2009
A special kind of hug between two people. The "cape" is called a "cape" because it is almost like both people in the hug are wearing capes.
"I think it's time for a cape break."
"You should have seen the cape he was giving her"
by Sebezz May 19, 2009
worn when given a haircut, or in general to protect clothing. it is usually either snapped or velcroed around the neck and drapes down over the person receiving the cut and the chair. it is rather comfortable and tends to turn people on. especially when a neck strip is first wrapped around the neck, and sticks up from the collar of the cape.

capes are usually big, to cover up everything.
I watched my hair slide down the salon cape.

The hair dresser fastened a big cape around my neck.

Today I sat out on the front porch wearing a neck strip and my favorite cape.

I love getting a haircut at the local barbers. They use the good old vertical striped capes instead of those obnocious colored ones.
by haircuttingcapefetish July 24, 2010
A derogatory term used to describe a woman who is a slut because several members of a group of male friends may be be given the opportunity to try her on.
Manny: Hey John this is my girlfriend Jane.

John: Nice, is she a cape?
Manny: No but I did try your mom on last night.
by jStarryNite July 03, 2011
verb: the act of wearing a cape, often to show off or imply supernatural strength and/or boost one's ego to prepare for a challenging endeavor.

other forms: caping, capery, mad caping, cape-a-liscious
Ryan: (wraps himself in a beach towel and starts roping in the moon like Superman) Look at me! I'm caping!

Jacob: I just try and cape all day, every day; I mean, why wouldn't you? You're clearly wearing a CAPE. Enough said.

Mike: Caping is legit because Harry Potter does it. If Potter didn't cape he would be dead to me like his parents.
by The Jabber June 01, 2010
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