adj. the definition of cool, cunning, and witty. used synonymously with awesome, rad, cool, far out, fantastic, etc. the epitome of everything good. this word has the ability to raise your day from mundane to superohero in proportion.
"dude, are you enjoying that candy"?
(said whilst dancing in a public place)"yeah! its so batman"

"dude! that jacket looks batman on you."
"thanks, i'm bruce wayne-ing"

"Last night was batman for sure"
by jeph dubs February 29, 2012
A man with mad, wicked skill in pleasing his partner with a multitude of gadgets.
My boyfriend pulled a batman last night with my new vibrator.
by Phedre1972 June 25, 2011
In Call of Duty or other shooter game when you jump off a cliff and knife a person for a kill. This is done silently to not alert enemies on the radar. Killing is done very efficiently and without a trace much like how Batman stalks his prey
He is on my "X", he Batmaned me.

He got the Batman for the final kill cam.
by Lord_Maher March 09, 2011
(adj.) an accolade on someone's appearance for an outfit which includes a wide belt
Gee mom, in that dress you look so Batman.
by MsJELA January 12, 2011
Batman, "The Bat", or Bruce Wayne, is a DC superhero who features Bruce Wayne, a rich man, who has the secret identity of Batman and has devoted his life to stop crime. Batman, instead of having powers, owns many realistic gadgets (ie. grappling hooks)and is an expert in hand to hand combat. The villains range from common drug dealers to psycho maniacs, such as the Joker. Batman has been featured in comics, video games, movies, TV shows, and more. Batman wears a bat-like mask and a dark cape which he uses to glide. In many peoples' opinions, Batman is the best superhero.
I just saw Batman glide overhead.
by Lord MI May 29, 2014
The act of getting highly intoxicated and on the car ride home sticking your head outside the window and start screaming BATMAN!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations you have now been Batmaned.
Driving home from your wife's baby shower after becoming intoxicated and screaming out the window Batman.
by Givenone March 04, 2014
When you swing ur arms open like a bat and slap your girl in the face with your boner
Yo I did the batman and left a mark on her face
by Connor denoncourt March 01, 2014
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