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influence, sway, or clout
He's got suction with the mayor.
by Jim King September 07, 2005
73 12
a term used to decribe a remote feeling or vibe that one's body and attitude generates. Also know as having a firm grim to someone or something. One who is suction may draw people towards him/her and may feel or be told that they are 'hot stuff'. A person exerting suction vibes may also be seen as a spancy inividual (Spancy: one who is special and fancy).
"Wow dude! You really are suction!"
"That's so suction"
"Sorry its not me its my suction"
by Sarichelle December 12, 2008
7 11
to suck up to someone
That guys trying to be my friend. He's giving me suction
by anita April 06, 2005
9 16
Having the quality of sucking.
Thank you so much, Ferndock, for your values worker innovation, your idea has suction.
by harry flashman July 24, 2003
4 13
One who gives head, oral pleasure.
She gave me the good suctions last night.
by Wizzel Mizzel April 04, 2006
12 22
The formal of "sucker" or "sucka".
(Hey....listen up suction
by RM March 04, 2005
3 16