He can knock you unconscious, he can beat you up, he can cream you in an IQ Test, and he can break you, but he WON'T kill you.

Also, beware Batman. By the time you see him, it will be too late.
Armed thug N1: I heard the Batman is coming. Everybody, get ready.

Armed thug N2: Bro, fuck Batman. I have a gun, and he's just some freak in a costume. Really, he's nothin.

*a random thug yells*

Armed thug N1: Holy shit, what was that-AHHH!!!

-30 seconds later-


*Batman right behind him*

Batman: I assume you thought yourself invincible, just because you have a gun. But, I Am The Night.

Armed thug N2: *turns around* OHMIGO- *unconscious*
by TheManThatWillBreakYou November 16, 2013
Batman is a superhero, duh, he drives the bat mobile and likes to come out at night to destroy villains, most favorite, the Joker. He parades on his saving the world escapades dressed all in black, looking like a bat, obviously. Though during the day he leads his double life as a normal, handsome, hardworking man. So, he has a secret identity, but the real secret is many think his name is Bruce, but it's actually Paul.
Batman : Yes, so here's the thing, my name is Bruce.

Girl (who knows him) : No actually, it's Paul.

Batman : Shh, don't tell people it's fun having a secret, secret identity.

Girl : Right,... no one ever said you were sane...
by itstopsecretinformation June 27, 2013
batman is the greatest most awesome hero, he'll kick everones butt in a fight, he is simply the best of the best , no one can ever kill him.
whos batman ???
' chris is batman '.
by the batman of aus December 14, 2011
a sex act where while having sex with a female you pinch both of her labia between your finger and your thumb and then spread them out to make them look like bat wings.
Last night I gave Robin a "batman".
by The Youngstown Milkman August 26, 2011
Sex move in which, post-coitis, the sex partner turns over to snuggle and finds you are no longer there.
After we did the horizontal mambo I batmaned her and was gone!
by The Radke January 08, 2011
(A vigilante that hides in the shadows) He fights crime while struggling with throat cancer and hides behind trash cans after throwing a smoke bomb to make him self look cool.
Never fear! Batman is here!
by TheJimst3r July 05, 2016
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