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Hanging upside down from something by the strength of your feet and ankles
Retard: "I'm going to take a pic of me planking!"

Bad ass: "Planking is for pussies, I'm batmanning"
by mrbigmclargehuge August 28, 2011
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Sacrificing yourself and your image in order to save someone else's feelings.
In order to help his girlfriend get over him, he decided he would resort to batmanning.
by Whtlightnin September 24, 2014
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The act of lurking in a dark corner or shadowy area at a party or social event rather than socializing and engaging with others. Particularly revelant if the person is wearing black articles of clothing. Applies only to a single person, not a group of people.
Danielle, stop batmanning and come play beer pong.

Jim was being really weird last night. He just kept batmanning instead of being a good wingman.
by TheATNgUY June 06, 2012
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The act of opening your coat around someone trying to light a cigarette, bowl, or joint outside when it is windy to block the breeze. To block the wind from blowing out a lighter. Opening your jacket like batman to help a fellow smoker.
Person 1: "The damn wind keeps blowing out my lighter. I can't even smoke!"
Person 2: "Here man let me Batman you, just don't light me on fire"

Person 1: "The wind was so bad yesterday, we took turns Batmanning eachother to toke"
Person 2: "Batmanning? What's that?"
Person 1: "They just blocked the wind from the one with the joint so it can light"
by xSamix December 23, 2013
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The act of taking someone out to the movies, and walking through an alley, and shooting them.
Mark "What happened last night man"
Jacob "Man I went batmanning with a girl"
Mark" What the fuck dude?!?!"
by Dinosaur Peenus January 25, 2017
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suddenly and silently disappearing without a trace and with no forewarning becoming completely unreachable by any communications device or service

7:14 pm:

hi sugar

hey lil mama, what's up?

ooh you tickle me with that!

that's what's up, lil mama

what are you doing tonight?




8 am the next day

yo, lil mama what's up?

lol, nothin if you keep batmanning out on me like that!!!
by classic1979 April 27, 2009
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To beat someone to the point where if they do not receive medical attention they will soon die.
Dude last week I want to court for batmanning Greg, ended up getting assault and battery and attempted murder.
by Syzygy21 October 26, 2014
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