1) A person born with parents out of marriage

2)A person born without a father

3)A person without a father

4)A person that is irritating or annoying
blah blah blah blah

Hey stop that noise you bastard!
by bladefam January 18, 2009
Referring to the SCO Group.
Below is our (SCO's) business strategy

1. File lots of lawsuits
2. ???
3. Profit!
by Mr. Spontaneous September 27, 2004
a real ass hole or someone without married parents
Josh is a bastard
by anonymous January 31, 2004
Someone who killed your dog.
That bloody bastard killed my dog!
by CowManCheeseBall November 15, 2013
Sometimes it's a name given to a person who has avoided all possible bad things that could have come their way. Therefore someone who is jealous of someone's outcome of a particular set of events either because they were smart or lucky could be called a Bastard.
Jim is a prude, he doesn't drink smoke or fuck.... therfore he doesn't have a shot liver, broken heart, depression, lung cancer or a sore itchy groin from having his dick in lots of vagina.... Jim is a smart guy who has avoided all of the crap people go through.... I'm jealous; therefore he is bastard.
by Prudish Bastard July 22, 2013
A fun and playful name to call your closest friends.
"Sup you big bastard"
"See you tomorrow you magnificent bastard"
by Mr.Badsause July 29, 2014
Part of one the most famous lines from South Park.

"Oh my God, they killed Kenny!"
"You bastards!"
Yes, bastards are the type of people who have no married parents and who also kill the same child repeatedly.
"George Bush was a bastard."
by inzomniacFTW March 25, 2010

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