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A bastard can turn out a disgrace to society, or a hero to himself or his family. Many people look at bastard as a boy/girl without a dad. If you dont have a dad that simply means instead of someone telling you what to do and following their rules and opinions, you have the oppurtunity to be one of a kind.
1. I am a bastard, I dont never met my dad, but its 100% guaranteed I could kick his ass.
2. That bastard has been to jail more then the both of us put together.
3. Jared is a piece of white trash bastard... in a beautiful way.
by BASTARDLY SWAGG August 01, 2012
2 2
Someone so screwed up and retarded his father wouldn't marry his mother.
I hate that bas tard.
by Dougyfresh March 04, 2009
1 1
one of many options checked for use in heavy industry, the bastard is the medium to heavy humble servent to the masterkraftsman of the shop floor. known and renowned for takes the edge off of unagreeable finish,mark you watch that bastard shunt.
hail bastard, fucking hail!
by silencut March 01, 2009
3 3
A group of inbread, scruffy, paki-shagging twats who support a team of wankers called Blackburn. Scum of Lancashire.
No Nay Never. No Nay Never No More, Till We Play Bastard Rovers. No Nay Never, No More!!!

We Hate Bastards!
by Burnley Till I Die July 10, 2008
16 16
a child born out of wedlock this term is often used as an insult
Stacies son was born when she was not married that means hes a bastard
by drsfg February 21, 2007
5 6
1.A person born to unmarried parents

2.One who aggravates
1. Blayze is a bastard

2. Shut up bastard!
by DizzyLizzy December 05, 2006
7 8
In addition to referring to an illegitimate child, bastard is an excellent filler word.
You fucking imbecile.
You fucking imbe-bastard-cile.
by Countach Smeech September 23, 2003
14 15