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Highly versatile comparative noun. You can be absolutely *anything* as a bastard: as rich as a bastard, as poor as a bastard, as clever as a bastard, as thick as a bastard. It is even possible to be as legitimate as a bastard.
1. "Jeez, what did I drink last night? I was as drunk as a bastard!"

2. "No, officer, I have not been drinking. I'm as sober as a bastard."
by mike2sheds March 21, 2007
a person who has no contact with their biological father.
Ben is a bastard who doesn't know his father.
by Radboy March 29, 2005
A person who gets anything he wants without even trying.
" thats guy got a free car, what a bastard !"
by Mr.Noah March 04, 2010
Not an illegitimate child or swear word, the manga from the 1980s.
A pretty entertaining but fairly cheesy manga with references to things like heavy metal since the creator is a huge fan of heavy metal. Once you get pass the beginning chapters is where the insanity starts kicking in. Dark Schneider is the main character, a womanizer and supposedly the world's strongest sorcerer. Insanity in the manga includes ridiculous things like breaking a black hole, running faster than light, destroying a galaxy with one hit, creating mini-universes in one's hands and having defenses that are so ridiculous such as having to destroy atoms in the physical and spiritual world. It's a fairly entertaining manga but beware of the cheese.
Bastard is awesome, despite Dark Schneider being a womanizer and the epitome of cheesiness.
by Hellrider285 January 18, 2014
A child, male or female, born with out their parents being married before their birth.
Not before creation, just before birth.
At least my parents were married when I was born! Your such a bastard!

Shut up! It's not my fault!
by Boo You Whore! January 08, 2011
a person who gets Fridays off when his friends don't
Oh yah, it's Thursday... that means you have today off eh? You bastard!
by neadamthal June 18, 2009
It is a strong word. Meaning somone is very out of order. Or it\'s original meaning a name for a child born out of wedlock
by therealslimlady September 23, 2003