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Acronym: Byproduct of Another Stupid Teenager Against Rubberized Dicks.
She gave birth to a b.a.s.t.a.r.d. because she is against condoms.
by Who I am October 07, 2007
1:A descriminatory word for someone you don't like, usually a male

2:old slang for A child who hasn't got married parents.
Robert was a bastard both ways
1. he was annoying
2.his parents werent married.
by Na January 21, 2004
Originally non-offensive - most use being proffesional in the medical career - meaning born to parents who are either not together or un-married.

Although it is now used offensively by anyone, who does not neccessarily know the background of someones parentage, and is just taking the piss.
"You trod on my foot you bastard!"
by Ollie Ford May 08, 2008
Usually known as children born before the parents are married; Sometimes used to name the many sperm cells after a good fuck; The people that kill Kenny, which includes his friends, death, god (please remember this is South Park), and even himself; anyone who acts far beyond the range of a regular jackass, asshole, or overall ass who gets on your nerves alot, and I do mean ALOT.
-Those Bastards in online games keep stealing all my stuff.
-Damn, The bed is covered in bastards.
by Boltstrike November 10, 2007
crazzy ol fuck without a father
that ol man is some bastard!
by not tellin May 01, 2003
A term used to describe someone who disregards other people in pursuit of their own self-interest. Usually includes the acts or act of lying, spreading mis-information, covering one's own ass at the expense of others, or employing other forms of bullshitting.
"The day I broke up with my girlfriend, my roomate told her she would have been better off with him instead of me. He's such a bastard.
by Truthtellerunc April 18, 2010
Derogatory for a willfully problematic person not only intent on not helping anyone but himself, but doing things to hinder others. The true bastard is one to twelve steps lower than an asshole, because nobody needs a bastard. Assholes are needed to let shit out. Bastards push you into shit for their own amusement.
1- What kind of bastard takes the bolts off a port-a-john?

2- You're intentionally making the arguement worse, you bastard.
by Riftalope February 12, 2007