noun- acronym for 'Bitch with Attitude thinks She's still Hot', describes a usually middle-aged woman whom many considered attractive at some point but who is no longer so, to the woman's narcissistic ignorance. A 'b.a.s.h', or 'bash' typically wears significant amounts of makeup, has overly styled hair that typically covers a good part of her face, normally wears expensive high heeled shoes, and short skirts. At distances a 'bash' often appears attractive, but up close, or in sufficient light, it is obvious she is not really attractive, or 'hot'. A 'bash' continues to act like she is still a 'twenty-something' and is very frequently a 'cougar', a woman who dates much younger men. There is, in fact, significant overlap between a 'bash' and a cougar, although it is not a complete overlap, as many cougars were never attractive once and therefore would not be a bash.
"Wow, look at that woman, she's, oh wait, I just saw her up close, it's just a b.a.s.h."
by AlexF40 October 20, 2013
A type of attack in internet, similar to flame.
That racist troll is bashing me all day, stop bashing me!
by Fakebash August 18, 2010
(v.) To use a melee attack on another player in Halo 3 for massive damage. A bash is only considered successful if it results in a kill.
I just based that noob!
Dude, bash him!
Ugh, what!? I bashed him!
by Mikerstriker July 12, 2008
In a MMO the World of Warcraft,
Bash is a move (cheap) warrior move in which Your/The character Charges the apponent stunning them.
During or After the Stun,
The warrior then Pwns the Opponent liek a Hax0r

Tsutomu Strikes Again!
Warrior: Hah Bashed you Bi**h
Newblet: WTF i didnt see that one coming!
::Newblet attempts to flee::
::Warrior Charges the Fleeing Newblet::
Warrior: Ha you Newb
Newblet: Foiled Again!?!!?
Newblet: How long is he going to camp me this time...
Ninja: 4 EVA!
::Ninja uses a Zip Line to fly away::
Warrior: WtF was that?
by Tsutomu October 23, 2006
Bash - to call a friend on the phone for the purposes of organizing a get-together; usually implying that the target of bashing may not want to be disturbed.

Could also involve threatening e-mail or actually driving to the person's house.
"What's Bryan doing?"
"Wanking it, hell if I know."
"Let's go bash him and make him run game today!"
by truespeak August 26, 2005
Used in the south; Another word for having sex with a girl with no srtings attached
" Yeah my boy got her number but he only wanna Bash"
by Taja December 15, 2004
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