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its another word for masturbate
Person 1 "Wait don't come in!"
Person 2 "What, are you bashing or something?"
Person 1 "Err..."
Person 2 "You bash more than you lash mate"
by Khary M February 17, 2009
0 2
We need B.A.S.H to get this party poppin!
by Crow201 July 25, 2008
0 2
acronyn for the Modern day women who tends to be moody, vicious, and always pmsing are reffered to as a bash meaning Bitch Ass Slutty Hoe
My ex was such a BASH!!
by mokey and zero December 07, 2005
16 18
Accronym, meaning 'Bum Attack (in the) Style (of) Hollyoaks'...to receive a ferocious bumming from a hooligan, arsewise.
Derived from the character 'Luke' in the UK teen soap 'HollyOaks' who received a ferocious bumming from a hooligan, arsewise.
"Damn that mincer, he's asking for a bash!"
by McNelson October 04, 2004
7 9
n. A shell used in GNU/Linux and Unix systems
He is running bash now.
by Netsrik December 08, 2002
5 8
What Ashraf does every five seconds.
Aaron: Why isn't Ashraf on MSN?
James: He's having a bash.
Natalie: xD
by ncheugfbhenfaue August 29, 2008
1 5
something crappy that happens
I just dropped the bong, what a bash.
by Pamela July 29, 2003
12 16