Accronym, meaning 'Bum Attack (in the) Style (of) Hollyoaks' receive a ferocious bumming from a hooligan, arsewise.
Derived from the character 'Luke' in the UK teen soap 'HollyOaks' who received a ferocious bumming from a hooligan, arsewise.
"Damn that mincer, he's asking for a bash!"
by McNelson October 04, 2004
its another word for masturbate
Person 1 "Wait don't come in!"
Person 2 "What, are you bashing or something?"
Person 1 "Err..."
Person 2 "You bash more than you lash mate"
by Khary M February 17, 2009
We need B.A.S.H to get this party poppin!
by Crow201 July 25, 2008
acronyn for the Modern day women who tends to be moody, vicious, and always pmsing are reffered to as a bash meaning Bitch Ass Slutty Hoe
My ex was such a BASH!!
by mokey and zero December 07, 2005
n. A shell used in GNU/Linux and Unix systems
He is running bash now.
by Netsrik December 08, 2002
What Ashraf does every five seconds.
Aaron: Why isn't Ashraf on MSN?
James: He's having a bash.
Natalie: xD
by ncheugfbhenfaue August 29, 2008
To slag something off, sometimes just for the sake of it.
Linux geeks: Windows sux0rs.
by Anon Y Mous August 02, 2005

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