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the elite 8 of the rolling crew, known to roll most often and each have their own specialties and similarities.
They include
Duke of Crunk
Rocker of Crunk
Wigger of Crunk
Amigo of Crunk
Quaker of Crunk
Cowboy of Crunk
Rebel of Crunk
While the Martins were out of town, the knights of crunk got their swim on in their pool.
by JayJ July 03, 2005
1. one who is not quite a bad ass but is bad none the less
2. one who bashes without a basketball or uses the quaker defense while someone else is bashing
1. he rolled up in a metro like a bad a
2. he thinks he's a bad a when he bashes on that 8 year old
by JayJ July 03, 2005
the founder of the rolling crew, known for his rare fits of roid rage and his abilities to stop balls in the dirt, and prolong games in the cold. Driver of the Cutlass Blue, and known as the Jesus of the Track.
the duke of crunk took a vacation up to canada
by JayJ July 03, 2005
to slam dunk a basketball or any other object that can fit in your hands and into a basketball goal or any other nets
1. sambo was bashed on by Moose
2. H tried to bash the volleyball in LP's pool
by JayJ July 03, 2005
the act of shoving your opponent while he or she is attemtping to bash. Style of defense created by the quaker of crunk
Jordan was pushed into the brick wall as a result of the quaker defense
by JayJ July 03, 2005

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