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bedroom aerobics = sex!
its kinda obvious

woo bedroom aerobics has got to be the best sport ever.. it should be in the olympics
by Bobbles April 21, 2006
what four guys made up when they were pissed and decided to make a book out of it! hey why not (shrug)
hmm... im bored.. ooh paul lets make some guy up called... ermm.. hey dog! ooh, i know.. GOD! and he could be all mighty and stuff..

yeaaaaah im so stoned right now... 0_O
by Bobbles March 31, 2006
Whats going to happen to the little shit at the next lan of that keeps asking everyone else to play CS and get his fucking weapon models on the other side of the screen
"Y0 |)ud3Z, My m0d31z 15 |>hU(k3D y0!!!!"
"fuck im going to bash you next lan"
by bobbles October 23, 2003
Mound is a womans fluffer.
Mounds are the chucklebumps ^_^
-Wow look at her mounds!!!
-Yeah they are sure some awesome croud pleasers.
by Bobbles March 31, 2006
Excuse for raping choirboys
ooh i was rodgering this choirboy real good when this policeman came in, but i explained i was a catholic preist and he let me off! what a nice man. he helped me afterwards in a spit roast.. he is also catholic!
by Bobbles March 31, 2006

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