verb. to wank, or masturbate.
UK slang made famous by Nappa.
"You get no gash wasteman...i know that you bash wasteman"
by MC Blitzkrieg February 18, 2006
To verbally attack.
Even though I'm well within my rights to, I'm not about to bash her in this letter.
by Purplegrass February 05, 2011
To repetitively do something until it is no longer fun. Can refer to any hobby, though often gaming. Can also refer to listening to a song so much that you get tired of it.
Verb: 'I'm totally going to bash that new Xbox game I got.'
Noun: 'John hasn't left his computer desk in days- he is such a Warcraft bash.'
by buttons0191 January 15, 2011
To masturbate.

The word comes from the phrase "Bash the Bishop" i.e. masturbate. (The Bishop in a game of chess resembles a bell-end.)
I had an epic bash over betty last night. She has some mighty fine ass.
by 1st Earl of Granville February 17, 2009

bash was short for bay area skinheads in the 1980's a gang of racially concious skinheads who did some stupid things,but also helped combate anti-white bias and gang relate crimes against whites. also a group of skinheads in brooklyns avenue n park used the name bash short for brooklyn area skinheads

probably the majority of sf's bash members are now gash -gay aryan skinheads lol
by NLR718 July 15, 2006
to masturbate like a cockney
"i bashed last night while finkin of you innit"
by Dick September 28, 2004
When one takes a hodgepodge of alcohols like vodka, whiskey, beer, etc and pours it into a garbage-can sized container, mixes it together and adds fruit punch to make a sweet tasting incredibly drunkening substance known as "Bash". A very popular beverage at old fashioned block parties.
Never drink Bash if you don't want to get hammered.
by Stevez123 December 18, 2011
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