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to masturbate like a cockney
"i bashed last night while finkin of you innit"
by Dick September 28, 2004
noun- acronym for 'Bitch with Attitude thinks She's still Hot', describes a usually middle-aged woman whom many considered attractive at some point but who is no longer so, to the woman's narcissistic ignorance. A 'b.a.s.h', or 'bash' typically wears significant amounts of makeup, has overly styled hair that typically covers a good part of her face, normally wears expensive high heeled shoes, and short skirts. At distances a 'bash' often appears attractive, but up close, or in sufficient light, it is obvious she is not really attractive, or 'hot'. A 'bash' continues to act like she is still a 'twenty-something' and is very frequently a 'cougar', a woman who dates much younger men. There is, in fact, significant overlap between a 'bash' and a cougar, although it is not a complete overlap, as many cougars were never attractive once and therefore would not be a bash.
"Wow, look at that woman, she's hot..no, oh wait, I just saw her up close, it's just a b.a.s.h."
by AlexF40 October 20, 2013
When one takes a hodgepodge of alcohols like vodka, whiskey, beer, etc and pours it into a garbage-can sized container, mixes it together and adds fruit punch to make a sweet tasting incredibly drunkening substance known as "Bash". A very popular beverage at old fashioned block parties.
Never drink Bash if you don't want to get hammered.
by Stevez123 December 18, 2011
A combination of the words "Bang" and "Smash".
Friend: what are you doing tonight?
Me: Hopefully gonna bash that one chick!
by Tweak578 November 22, 2011
to send. used a slang alternative to "send" or "give me".
oi, bash us a fag mate!
by charliekidbruv October 14, 2006
Wabash Avenue in Terre Haute is a popular place for the average hautian to hang out. Usually, bashing is done by sitting on a couch ("sofa") in the back of your pickup and driving up and down the 'Bash, usually soliciting young women to flash their breasts.
Dude, I got a new futon... wanna grab the truck and go bashin?
by pinano October 31, 2004
(v)to insult something
Quit bashing tat Xbox user -- It's not his fault he didn't realize it was crap
by Richard Ward February 27, 2004