A combination of the words "Bang" and "Smash".
Friend: what are you doing tonight?
Me: Hopefully gonna bash that one chick!
by Tweak578 November 22, 2011
to snort, comes form the act of grinding a pill/coke until it's in a powdery form suitable for snorting
Let's go bash a line

Let's go bash up this pill
by ihateapplesandsalt September 20, 2008
bash to play a game for hours on end to get certain items or skills or levels
world of warcraft: omg i swear i bashed the bg's for like 9 days to earn enough honour and marks to get my grand marshalls chestplate.

rainbow six vegas: i bashed on vegas for a month to get to elite rank only to get killed and tebagged by some other player.
by josh norman November 07, 2007
to send. used a slang alternative to "send" or "give me".
oi, bash us a fag mate!
by charliekidbruv October 14, 2006
Wabash Avenue in Terre Haute is a popular place for the average hautian to hang out. Usually, bashing is done by sitting on a couch ("sofa") in the back of your pickup and driving up and down the 'Bash, usually soliciting young women to flash their breasts.
Dude, I got a new futon... wanna grab the truck and go bashin?
by pinano October 31, 2004
(v)to insult something
Quit bashing tat Xbox user -- It's not his fault he didn't realize it was crap
by Richard Ward February 27, 2004
to have sex
I went to her house to bash.
by T Kato October 21, 2003

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