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Someone who however many times you tell them to shut up or leave you alone, never does!
Dunstan, shut up you little shit!
by Richard123 March 19, 2006
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A term of endearment used on children by Hillbillies.
You'r my boy, you little shit.
by txmx2005 February 28, 2006
Something my grandma calls
"Get over here you little shit"
by guess who January 17, 2004
-term of endearment often directed towards children, small animals, man-powered vehicles such as bicycles
-can be used to belittle
-"I love spending time with the little shits. I should be a teacher."
-"You will see me biking around on little shit. Except, Little Shit is always breaking. What a little shit piece of shit. Shit. Shit Shit. Little shit, what the fuck?!?!"YOu LITTLE SHIT!"

-"Shut up, you little shit."
by XXXSexySvelteSvetlanaXXX March 20, 2009
term parents use when they want to call a misbeaving child
Jessie get over here you little shit and clean up your room!
by Ina Z January 18, 2010
A precocious child who has reached the age at which s/he can anticipate his/her parent's actions, and who takes preventative measures.
"The little shits hid their Halloween candy, so my raid was unsucessful"
by Max T. Linguist November 01, 2011
a small blonde biddie from the Hamptons who never shuts up.
Rachel is bugging me to smoke again, what a little shit!
by LT Shanteezy May 03, 2011

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