Beast Aaron Proulx. the infamous Airsoft team that colors there guns, magazines and facemasks with unique patterns and quotes.
Steve: Nick, are you using Morgan Freeman this game?

Nick: Yeah, im using The FMJ Bill Waggy.

Quinn: Yeah, the BAP squad is back.

by Morganfreeman August 24, 2008
An attractive well dressed spoiled black man
James S. is a bap by nature.
by layna58 July 10, 2008
Bomb Ass Pussy (An attractive girl)
Hey kyle, check out that fucking BAP over there.
by bob law July 10, 2008
A back-handed slap unleashed with slightly less force than a traditional slap and renowned for its stealthy deployment. Often used to whack an unsuspecting person in the nuts.
I casually walked by James at the water cooler and gave him a solid bap in the nuts. He immediately crumpled to the ground.
by Nut Guru April 24, 2008
another meaning for bad
john 'i bet shes got a well nice pussy'
jack 'nah mate its well bap, to hairy'
by Thomas John Johnson April 03, 2008
1. english slang for A womans breast

2. A type of bread roll simular to a cob found in England
1. Did u see her, she had cracking baps on her!

2. I'm starving I think i'm gonna have a cheese bap.
by clarkey1993 December 18, 2007
(adj) very, very good; stands for Bomb Ass Pussy, pronounced B-A-P
that piece of cake was so BAP.
by irisclaire December 10, 2007

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