The sound a robot makes when he jizzes in his pants.
BEEP. BOOP. I just bapped copiously.
by Xygni September 20, 2010
BAP stands for the Boobs Ass and Pussy, the things that guys (Usually) are attracted to, or the Balls Ass Penis, the things that girls are (Usually) attracted to. It means to have sex with, or having sex with.
"Last night I Bap-ed this hot girl"
"Cant talk right now, I am about to Bap this hot girl"
"Right now I am Bap-ing this hot girl"
by Bob the Overlord December 27, 2009
Short hand for Bad Ass Pig. A person who despite being infected with swine flu maintains their party lifestyle.
Gina Del Tito is such a BAP! She had the swine and still took 8 jello shots at her party.
by huntsky October 13, 2009
Breads which can contain fats such as lard or butter to make the dough tender. Can come in multiple shapes dependent on region. Baps as traditionally made in Scotland are not sweet.
A: Those baps would taste really good with some crisps inside.
A: No, man, I mean the BREAD.
B: Oh. Sorry.
by stop.being.a.perv. January 29, 2009
The sound one makes when he/she hits someone in the back, often causing said victim to swallow mouthwash.
"Dude, you made me swallow Listerine!"
"Oh shit, that's poisonous..."
by The Fuckit List Boys July 16, 2008
When you jab someone. Hitting someone, especially in the nose.
If you don't shut the fuck up, I'm going to BAP! you in the nose!
by YELHSA May 31, 2007
Black American Princess. She has an endless supply of money from Mom and Dad.
Usually attends Brown,Smith,Spelman University. Does not have to work, a trust-fund baby.
An African-Amercian women/girl that belongs to the Links,Jack and Jill
by Nicole April 24, 2005

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