The sound one makes when he/she hits someone in the back, often causing said victim to swallow mouthwash.
"Dude, you made me swallow Listerine!"
"Oh shit, that's poisonous..."
#bap #scott oller #harmful if swallowed #ashland #304
by The Fuckit List Boys July 16, 2008
When you jab someone. Hitting someone, especially in the nose.
If you don't shut the fuck up, I'm going to BAP! you in the nose!
#hit #punch #kick #stab #slap
by YELHSA May 31, 2007
Black American Princess. She has an endless supply of money from Mom and Dad.
Usually attends Brown,Smith,Spelman University. Does not have to work, a trust-fund baby.
An African-Amercian women/girl that belongs to the Links,Jack and Jill
by Nicole April 24, 2005
low quality marijuana that doesn't get you high.
i can't believe that dude sold us this bap!
by st0ner January 12, 2004
B.A.P. is an acronym for Bomb Ass Pussy; meaning that a female posses an attractive and desirable vagina.
DANG BOY, that girl be looking good from the front and back and im wonderin' if she gots the BAP!
by KatieKaboomMaiJemaima September 18, 2003
Beautiful African Princess
Damn, I wish I were a bap, then I'd be getting guys left and right.
by Bailey May 08, 2003
Bomb Ass Pussy.

a pussy thats so tight it feels like a hand is tugging on a mans dick.
Last night I got sum bap, four times in a row.
#pussy #tight #squeeze #vagina #bomb
by IBpeaches August 06, 2012
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