Created at The Kent State University, a word commonly used to describe the successful shot of a ping-pong ball into any opposing (beer pong) cup.
"BAP!" (cup then removed from field of play)
to lightly tap/touch someone
I bapped him on the head
by elixerboi September 12, 2006
1. Imitates the sound of a gun.
2. Black And Proud.
1. Bap! Bap! dis is how we do!
2. Im BaP!
by #1 Stunna March 07, 2005
Burning Ass Piss Syndrome (BAPS). BAPS is a painful form of diarrhea, the onset of which is usually caused by binge drinking on the previous night.
"I have a horrible case of BAPS this morning. How many shots did I have last night?"
by Bellesmommy May 22, 2013
An abbreviation for the phrase black american princessess. Not to be mistaken for snobby african american girls but middle-upper class african american girls generally in the north jersey area. The universal symbol is usually represented by three girls holding there pinkys up, (the middle girl's arms are crossed)
A BAP would be an african american teenager who resides in the west/south orange area of north Jersey, is in Jack and Jill and vacations on Martha's Vineyard every summer.
by BAPanonymous March 11, 2011
the term commonly used by females in the hertfordshire area standing for BOYS ARE PRICKS. used when angry, pissed off, upset, annoyed or generally cant be bothered with boys. a brilliant way to express your anger
by emza123 November 22, 2010
Acronym for a Big Ass Plane. It broadly describes very large commercial aircraft. Generally along the lines of a Boeing 757, Airbus A300, and similar wide body turbojets.
Look out the window at that BAP! It's flying so fucking low over those buildings!
by BVB001 August 01, 2009

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