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a nerdy person; an extremely smart person; one who dresses in nerdy fashion
shit, that pointdexter always aces his tests
by BaYbiE B. April 18, 2005
a geek or nerd who wears glasses and/or engages in nerdy activity such as the world of warcraft or indulgent enjoyment of maths and other such subjects.
'oh my days blud, andy is such a point dexter on his calculator'
'why you be like all up in my grill you greasy point dexter, go back to your computer'
'don't make me go in a pair with Eron, he's a proper point Dexter'
by Lori Kilpatrick May 14, 2007
This is a nerd. However, unlike most nerds, he probably hangs around your immediate circle. Everyone knows he is the geek of the group, yet people give him the green light anyway out of pity.
Man, eugene is hella cool, but man...the boy is a straight point dexter.

Eugene: "Did you know that the squre root of pie is infinite."

Ru: "Man, shut the fuck-up you point dexter. I'm trying to mac this breezy. Scram you fucking nerd."
by Dmitrius October 25, 2007

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