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The act of blowing a load or taking a load up the ass without a rubber
He was so hot I let him breed me.
by Muscle Head August 18, 2003
Primarily a gay term for unprotected anal sex, <i>to breed</i> is most frequently used by "str8" guys on the internet either looking to get their "ass pounded" (see definition), or as a way for spammers to attract gay men to reply thereby giving away their email address so that the spammer can sell it to a 3rd party.
In use it frequently shows up on Craigslist personals postings such as, "looking to breed - 47 m4m" or "GF gone for weekend LQQKING TO BREED - 23 m4m"
by trejedi April 05, 2011
to be fooled by a girl who wants you to think they like you even to the point of going with you to special events as your date
did you hear about that chris.that girl he liked went to a party as his date but just ditched him. he totally got bree'd
by assy mcsluttyballs December 25, 2009
the term breeeds originated from the breeds resident and mean to gang bang jesus style crucifying your mum then penertrating them from behind this is known as a breeds.
give her a good breedsing tonight
by matt breeds September 30, 2005
To produce (offspring); to give birth to. If it wasn't for my mother breeding me, I would not be here. Of course, she can't take all the credit. My father helped out as well.
"I breed", said the barren woman, as she ate her pasta and bread.
by Inspector Harry Bush August 22, 2003
A child of a young adult
"Lora isnt going out tonite because she has a breed at home"
by destinee85 March 11, 2006
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