Bomb Ass Pussy.

a pussy thats so tight it feels like a hand is tugging on a mans dick.
Last night I got sum bap, four times in a row.
by IBpeaches August 06, 2012
An acronym turned word popularized by the Orange County duo called The Millionaires, standing for the quote "Bomb Ass Pussy" in the song Party Like a Millionaire.
C'mon, you know you want this BAP.
by FoRealDgaf June 15, 2011
The sound a robot makes when he jizzes in his pants.
BEEP. BOOP. I just bapped copiously.
by Xygni September 20, 2010
To masturbate,to rub it, to whack it.
After she rejected me I was so horny I had to BAP OFF to some porn.
by Persianjade78 September 24, 2009
Blonde and proud.
Usually used to define a moment when a blonde does something so stupidly funny that you release your boals, spit milk out your nose or pull a muscle from laughter.
JB. "Dude were you at that party yesterday, Stacy got wrecked and woke up on a plane with a newly adopted mongolian baby called hoe-chi-mein."
PK. "Man, what a bap"
JB."I know"
by Judge Fuj June 11, 2009
balls, ass and penis. to BAP someone is to stick your balls, ass, and penis on them all at the same time.
Dude was passed out so i BAP'ed him.
by pisstual January 04, 2009
A Bad Ass Pollock. A person of Polish heritage with a bad ass attitude, a stereotypical victim of traditional Polish banter, in attempt to better the Polish name. To make it proud again.
Vince Vaughn is a BAP.
by Polock2 November 12, 2008

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