Not just a pair of womans tits, it's also a british type of bread roll which are large and actually look like and feel like a pair of womans tits, except you can eat these!!
Gives a bacon & egg bap
by Made 1979 September 26, 2005
Black American Princess
(from The BAP Handbook)

A pampered female of African-American descent born to an upper-middle- or upper-class family.(from The BAP Handbook)

An African-American female whose life experiences give her a "sense of entitlement."
A true BAP upholds the image of being beautiful(inside and out), intelligent, and personable.
by CSF January 12, 2006
A german Band popular in the 80s.
I liked that song kristallnacht by BAP.
by Hotamali May 13, 2005
scare to approach a girl
Bitch ass Pussy
jeffrey jeffrey jeffrey jeffrey jeffrey
jeffrey is a bap
by noob_boy69 December 26, 2007
a person with an abnormally large forehead, sometimes called: spamo, heed, eighthead, sarah.
Hey everyone look at spamo's eighthead. god she has a huge bap.
by jev January 30, 2004
to throw up, vomit, upchuck, hurl, barf
Fergle bapped all over the carpet
by Shawn McCarthy November 26, 2003
A ugly ass woman....
Damn shorty bap as hell....

All these gilrs in here are ugly I should have brought my bap stick...

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