noun - A disabled person. An incapable person.
adjective, 'bapped'

Origin- Donegal, Ireland.
Look at the bapped legs on yer wan.
Translation - That girl's legs are disabled.

He's such a bap when it comes to technology.
Translation - He is incapable when it comes to technology.
by BabyFat February 02, 2010
Bitch Ass Pussy
Hey stop being such a BAP!
by AirThomas December 05, 2009
Another word for bullshit, crap, wack, or sorry.
The whole concert was bap.
by ShaRod November 24, 2003
Acronym for Bitch Ass Pussy Shit. It's what you say when your friend is on about some bull shit and he/she knows it.
Bullshitter: Yeah, man, we totally banged!
Friend: Bruh, you forreal?

Bullshitter: HYFR DAWG!

Friend: This man on some BAPS!

Bullshitter: Nah!
by asap bran January 31, 2014
Male version of bop. A male referred to as a "man whore", and often bounces around from girl to girl
Wow he is such a bap! That bap has a new chick every week!
by The seed December 14, 2012
Bomb Ass Pussy.

a pussy thats so tight it feels like a hand is tugging on a mans dick.
Last night I got sum bap, four times in a row.
by IBpeaches August 06, 2012
An acronym turned word popularized by the Orange County duo called The Millionaires, standing for the quote "Bomb Ass Pussy" in the song Party Like a Millionaire.
C'mon, you know you want this BAP.
by FoRealDgaf June 15, 2011

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