Top Definition
to bump into something. To hit something. to get into a small accident and damage something.
I bapped my car today.
by Ambeezy707 September 15, 2008
The act of hitting someone with a bit more force then a thwap. Generally applied when someone needs a sharp enough blow to make them take notice but not to cause actual lasting pain. Usually directed toward one that the striker has affection for as minor punishment.
"My friend was being an ass in front of my sister so I bapped him a good one"
by sua DTM August 29, 2008
Smack the fuck out of someone for violating, or just for being stupid in general. To baptise one in unholy anger.
Dude got to close, he had to get bapped.

Don't stand to close when I'm moving, you might get bapped.
by kushryda23 April 03, 2015
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