Bitch Ass Pussy
Hey stop being such a BAP!
by AirThomas December 05, 2009
Acronym for Bitch Ass Pussy Shit. It's what you say when your friend is on about some bull shit and he/she knows it.
Bullshitter: Yeah, man, we totally banged!
Friend: Bruh, you forreal?

Bullshitter: HYFR DAWG!

Friend: This man on some BAPS!

Bullshitter: Nah!
by asap bran January 31, 2014
A bap is just an overall legend. Everyone likes him and he gets all the girls. He is just amazing, and is usually very smart.
Person1: I wish I was a bap
Person2: I wish I was too, he's so amazing.
by Legend12345678912345678912 April 10, 2013
noun - A disabled person. An incapable person.
adjective, 'bapped'

Origin- Donegal, Ireland.
Look at the bapped legs on yer wan.
Translation - That girl's legs are disabled.

He's such a bap when it comes to technology.
Translation - He is incapable when it comes to technology.
by BabyFat February 02, 2010
Bap! is an action emote used to decribe a hit or impact. "BAP!" is the same concept as the comic books using "pow!" or "Bam!" Bap is used to decribe blunt impacts such as someone falling on their face while running. Or someone getting hit by a stick or bat or something.
"Jake just punched him in the face and BAP! he was down."
by Yoshigohonk October 26, 2006
Any low-pitched buzzing sound that lets you know you've done something wrong, like the ones that:
1) let you know that you did not allow enough time for a document to download on a computer;
2) let you know that you have no money or not enough money to get on a bus or train;
3) continuously go on and off to let you know that you've dialed a wrong number on a phone;
4) make a loud sound to let you know that you've made an incorrect answer at a game show;
5) buzz to let you know that you've made an incorrect move, a disqualification, or lost a turn on an electronic game;
6) etc.
I had to ask some passengers for change on the bus because the card reader let out a bap when I put the card into it.
by pentozali January 06, 2012
Acronym for bomb ass pussy
Man that cake we had last night was BAP!
by Merrywether November 06, 2011

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