To hit or crash into; usually used when talking about minor vehicle accidents.

-This terminology is used heavily in the San Francisco Northern California Bay Area-
Person #1: "Yooo wtf! Is that a new dent on your car bro?!"

Person #2: "Yup, I bapped my shit on one of those short concrete poles last night when I bent a sharp left going through the drive thru"

(My first car was also known as the BapMobile, dings and dents everywhere)
by AlphaQ G May 29, 2013
A bap is just an overall legend. Everyone likes him and he gets all the girls. He is just amazing, and is usually very smart.
Person1: I wish I was a bap
Person2: I wish I was too, he's so amazing.
by Legend12345678912345678912 April 10, 2013
Another word for bullshit, crap, wack, or sorry.
The whole concert was bap.
by ShaRod November 24, 2003
Bitch with nice ass and pussy
Aye dawg, look at that bap right thurr. She hott!
by Korma1 March 22, 2015
A Bap is a person who fiends for something heavy, or is sorta an addict when it comes to something,usually drugs. Burr!
Dylan was bappin to chief some pif. Bap Of the Year is a white nigga name dylan aka pointdexter aka harry potter aka bart slavia aye!!!
by GucciManeSaysBurr January 24, 2013
Bless All People
Good morning, peeps. BAP!!!
by vinbarnes April 21, 2011
noun - A disabled person. An incapable person.
adjective, 'bapped'

Origin- Donegal, Ireland.
Look at the bapped legs on yer wan.
Translation - That girl's legs are disabled.

He's such a bap when it comes to technology.
Translation - He is incapable when it comes to technology.
by BabyFat February 02, 2010
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