A term that means something special to the person who is using it. While it can mean something completely different to someone else.
I want to BAP that girl so hard.

That guy is one tough BAP.
by TheOriginalBap September 13, 2009
Bless All People
Good morning, peeps. BAP!!!
by vinbarnes April 21, 2011
(n.) Bomb Ass Pussy. (adj.) Bapper, as in someone who is fucking a bomb ass pussy.
You know that girl Erin, she a bap.
by baps-r-us July 10, 2014
To hit or crash into; usually used when talking about minor vehicle accidents.

-This terminology is used heavily in the San Francisco Northern California Bay Area-
Person #1: "Yooo wtf! Is that a new dent on your car bro?!"

Person #2: "Yup, I bapped my shit on one of those short concrete poles last night when I bent a sharp left going through the drive thru"

(My first car was also known as the BapMobile, dings and dents everywhere)
by AlphaQ G May 29, 2013
A Bap is a person who fiends for something heavy, or is sorta an addict when it comes to something,usually drugs. Burr!
Dylan was bappin to chief some pif. Bap Of the Year is a white nigga name dylan aka pointdexter aka harry potter aka bart slavia aye!!!
by GucciManeSaysBurr January 24, 2013
An acronym turned word popularized by the Orange County duo called The Millionaires, standing for the quote "Bomb Ass Pussy" in the song Party Like a Millionaire.
C'mon, you know you want this BAP.
by FoRealDgaf June 15, 2011
This word could be used in many ways, most commonly used when talking about hitting, dominating, finishing, or just accomplishing something in general.
That kid had no chance, before he could even swing I bapped him in the face twice.

Don't get bapped up to bad, that team is good.

Yeah man I just said bap to that double cheeseburger.
by T Squeaks December 18, 2010

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