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It's the same thing as cup caking, just worded differently.

Spending a lot of time with a certain someone.

Usually referred towards guys with a certain someone.
"Is ____ coming out tonight?"
"No, he's at home baking a cake with his woman."

Cup caking
by Metcalfe's Common Word! May 17, 2009
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A phrase used to explain sex- ed to small children in a classroom setting.
Mother: When two people love each other veeerry much, they kind of do this thing--
Kid: Do they start baking a cake?
Mother: Yes...uh, no....uh...shut up.
by headbakers<3 August 03, 2009
Art of creating a relationship with a women. Meeting a girl is spotting the ingredients. Introducing yourself and/or talking to her for the first time is buying the ingredients. Putting the cake in the oven is when your "talking" with a girl. Taking the cake out is dating a girl. Eatting the cake is doing anything sexual with a girl. Little bits are kissing and making out. Decent bite is a makeout session/ dry humping/a lot of physical body contact/fingering. Eatting half of the cake is receiving/performing oral sex. Eatting the whole cake is having sexual intercourse. Very simple, but can become extremely creative and easy to use.
"Hey bro, whats up with that girl? you baking a cake?"

"lol yea bro its still in the oven. ima take it out in a couple weeks."

"dope dope im already eatting my cake dog"

"hahaha nice nice"
by happybakerAchmed:) October 23, 2008
when you sweet talk a girl so bad you might as well bake her a cake
Bill: hey whats up with Andre he hasn't texted me back
Fred : yeah i heard he is trying to get pics from Sarah so he's baking a cake
by sexysexualsex November 25, 2011
the act of masterbation
"the phone rung so many times, but i couldn't answer i was in the middle of baking a cake."
by gene-v February 06, 2009
When you mix cocaine, baking soda, and a little bit of water on a piece of tin foil. Then you spread the mixture out on the foil. You let it dry then you use a lighter underneith the foil to make the mixture burn and then you suck the smoke up with a gutted out pen.
I going to go bake a cake. I just got done baking a cake.
by Matty1337 October 25, 2006
sexual innuendo many times including "stirring the batter", "opening the oven", "turning up the heat" etc.
also a stupid joke from elementary school.
Tom said he wanted to bake a cake, but what Tom really wanted didn't pertain to the kitchen.
by Dianananananana August 06, 2005

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