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The communist front known as Act Now to Stop War and End Racism.
ANSWER can kiss my ass
by Dan Was here November 04, 2003
any type of reply to a stament or question
i answered jeffs rebutle
by rackof towles July 10, 2008
The response to the question of which you do not know.
What is the answer to 100 (times) 5?
by .el-cee. February 02, 2010
"ANSWER NOW TO STOP WAR AND RACISM" is what they say but is really a load of crap. Want us to pull out of iraq and "free" palistein even though it already is.
"Occupation is a crime from iraq to palistain"
by smartazz February 01, 2005
what they stand for: Act Now To Stop War and End Racism. They are a good group, and have organized a lot of protests, although I have to admit these protests seemed to have no effect whatsoever
The protests are never specific enough. These days, ANY protest is automatically mutated into an anti-irag-war and pro=palestine. The message shouldn't be so diluted. There are always like 10 different ideas and you're not really sure if you went for the right reason

But anywho, answer is great; they strive for equality in the world
by rise up rise against June 12, 2004
Is a single or double shot of an alcoholic beveage. IE Goslings Black Seal (Bermuda Rum)
"Ayo dude was drunk off six answers"
by Anonymous July 22, 2003