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30 definitions by tomcon5

sexual intercourse
Lets bake a cake before everyone starts showing up to the party
by tomcon5 March 01, 2009
someone who is both a winner & a loser at the same time
look at that employee of the month. what a dork!
by tomcon5 February 28, 2009
when your so drunk, you can't say "drunk" properly.
dude 1: man your sloshed.
dude 2: yeah i am feeling petty drunked!
by tomcon5 April 24, 2010
when your in a relationship that sucks.
i fell in love with her, then she cheated on me with her ex. it turned into a relationshit.
by tomcon5 February 28, 2009
man1:while your girlfriend is gone are you gonna abuse your noodle?
by tomcon5 February 25, 2009
when you step out of the shower & you realize you still have soap under your armpit(or some place)& have to jump back it to the shower to wash it out/off.
Guy: "Dude, why did you take so long in there?"
Clean dude: "I was done & i realized i had a soap marinade on me!"
by tomcon5 October 21, 2009
a friendly greating. a question to see if anything bad has happend lately.
dude: waz crappinin'?
man:nuttin'. everything's been good.
by tomcon5 February 25, 2009