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Growth of breast tissue in men. Frequently caused by excessive aromatization of testosterone eithor from puberty or anabolic steroids. Can be remedied by use of tamoxifen citrate as directed by doctor or by surgery.
by Dabuek August 12, 2004
1. Gynecomastia. Abnormal growth of breast tissue on human males.
1. Rob's gyno is embarrassing, he should start wearing a bra for those bitch tits
by jorge March 01, 2005
short for gynocologist
woman: "I had to go to my gyno to take care of my panty critter situation."
by Sweaterson May 13, 2008
aka bitch tits... or gynoclomastia is what happens when the aromatizing enzyme creates too much estrogen in males. can be prevented with arimidex or aromasin. or sometimes it can be reversed with femera or letrozole.

symptoms: puffyness of nipples, itchy or painful nipples.
damn i think im getting gyno. i might have to stop this cycle.
by 2slick4u July 10, 2010
To say something is bigger (short for gynormous)
"I Live in a gyno house" Said Allison

"What a gyno truck!" Taylor said

"Thats a gyno walloomsac!" Dillon said

"I hate the word gyno, I'd rather say big" said Noah

"You are a Gyno freak" Said Scott
by DillVonTayyMonroe October 17, 2010
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