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some one who is overly needie or overly available;want to be some ones everything or does everything for someone
steve: man brenda is totally on my sack, she's such a corn-cutter

noe: dump her


adriana: can you believe carlos he's always asking me to do stuff for him it's getting on my nerves

stacy: who does he think you are his corn-cutter

by gene-v February 06, 2009
when you like or love some one so much you would do any thing for them, for example cut their food or corn on the cob

def.2 when you like some one or love some one so much you would let them cut your food for you in public which is totally imbarassing for each partie
jamie: man you really love jason,ha

angie:ya i would totally cut his corn

jamie: awh

example 2

carlos: man that chick is so hot, i would let her cut my corn

example 3

stephanie: man noe is so needee he thinks i'm his mom or somthing like if want to cut his corn

by gene-v February 06, 2009
the act of masterbation
"the phone rung so many times, but i couldn't answer i was in the middle of baking a cake."
by gene-v February 06, 2009

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