a guy who makes his girlfriend shit her pants before he has sex with her, otherwise he is incapable of mustering an erection.
man, that girl stinks like she shat her pants, her boyfriend must be a baker
by Lbundaberg September 04, 2012
To develop a close or intense relationship after six months and then rip apart said relationship.
I see that you are emotionally attached to me, now is the time that I will Baker your ass and tell you that you mean nothing to me. I leave in a few hours.
by Alex [M] October 05, 2011
A person who frequently partakes in chicken lickin.
That guy is baker.
by Big Colonol April 16, 2009
a hella tight mountain in washington state

many who go there smoke weed
lets get baked at baker
by rockinitfolyf October 19, 2008
A person that often does not know what is happening and/or changes their mind frequently.

Can be used in a variety of ways.
Jim: "What happened?"
Joe: "Your such a baker"

Sammy: "What the baker just happened?!"
by Bambipornstar May 22, 2011
verb. when a person either adds, comments on a status or picture of someone they have no idea who they are on Facebook. This is often a synonym for the word "creeper".

noun. A picture of someone, normally fat, who takes a picture of them self with their webcam trying to look huge when they clearly aren't in real life.
v. Hey Christian just bakered your sister.
n. Wow, you're picture is such a baker.
by anti-baker July 17, 2010
someone who is continually engaged in the act of caking
What is David doing? Is he still caking? Could you tell the baker to get off the phone so we can get back to this game.
by R.Matos April 05, 2006

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