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Things that you should have checked.
Check your privileges cis scum.
by the postman93 March 22, 2013
A word used by some people to relay that they are telepathic and know what the other person's circumstances are, and what they were thinking when they said or did something.
Your privilege is why you said "it is wrong to use your welfare check to buy gold necklaces."
by Some_White_Dude June 10, 2013
A type of Hennessey, cognac.
Where gonna get tossed off that privilege
by Orngzigzags October 17, 2005
A special right given to someone or a group of people, which is not available to others. Advantage, Benefit
The very successful manager grew up in a privileged world.
by md_bluelily May 02, 2011
The sweet end of the inequality stick.
It could be postulated that the act of enjoying privilege is inherently immoral, as in a world of scarce resources it necessarily comes at the cost of multiple others, whose wellbeing is thereby decreased.
by coderpete October 23, 2013
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