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A large, heavy object often used in acts of cartoon violence such as Wile E. Coyote.
Not only did the Road Runner lead him off the cliff, but he fell into a river and headfirst onto an anvil! And then, Another anvil fell out of nowhere and flattened him! WORDROTFLMAO/WORD!!!
by Cpt.Bob October 30, 2003
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a small brown rodent native to peru. posesses the shyness of a mouse and the cunning of a fox, and thus is rarely seen or heard of.
dude, i just saw a family of anvils! unfortunately they were so cunning that i couldn't take a photo as evidence.
by major.tom July 07, 2010
You just ran a red light. Way to go, you fucking Anvil.
by Hypah July 06, 2003
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