someone who is continually engaged in the act of caking
What is David doing? Is he still caking? Could you tell the baker to get off the phone so we can get back to this game.
by R.Matos April 05, 2006
a person who smokes weed.get it? you know, like to go get baked, or toasted
that dude is one cool baker...i wonder if he will bake with me?
by sheaspeck May 14, 2005
To have someone completely blow you off for a meeting or event after you talked to them earlier in the day to confirm.
Dude! I guess he ain't gonna make it, he Bakered me. I talked to him this morning and he said he was coming to the birthday party and he hasn't called.
by Silicon Sleuth January 10, 2008
douchebag that has a reciding hairline and has a small penis
This dude is a Baker!
by XXXthemanXXX April 22, 2010
a very gifted athlete that complains about anything and everything.
"but I don't wanna win state! people make me feel bad if I win state and they don't!"

"Quit being such a baker and just beat the kid."
by Alack January 24, 2007
1.he who bakes. insult
3.whatever you want it to mean
1. jim is a baker. he works at the bakery
2. dude your a fuckin baker
3. your mom has a baker in her pants
by craz3j0e September 17, 2007
A stalker who uses his disgusting, dandruff filled cooking to get into their victim's home. Once the victim has eaten their cooking, which they have dosed with sleeping pills, they are free to "touch" in any way they pleasure.
Tell your girlfriend to watch out, i heard that guy is a Baker
by Logan Hira March 05, 2009

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