It has different meanings but in the whole it means that something is shity or uber relax
1: Being verbaggerd; being really really really drunk.
2: Aanbaggeren; or better known as aankloten means that you do absolutly nothing useful to society.
3: Something's bagger; something is really bad(an F for an exam) or disgusting(puke).
by gappie January 19, 2004
person who makes fun of or insults someone for no good reason
by asdf May 19, 2003
Generally used by the hillwalking/rambling community in the UK, most of whom live in towns, who go off to the countryside at weekends just to set foot upon individual summits. One the individual hill is bagged, then they usually tick off a list of hills in a notebook. A bagger is one of those strange individuals who enjoys climbing hills just to tick off a list, and who was probably a trainspotter in the past life. They would gain more satisfaction from climbing a new hill in fog than they would be ascenting a previously climbed hill in good weather.
Only baggers would be out on such a miserable day as this.
by Pete October 18, 2004
the boy who wear wide clothes
almost every bagger like to get wet fully clothed
by Slava Sedov September 30, 2004
some one who makes fun or is mean to a person for no good reason
your a bagger
by asdf May 19, 2003
Is short for the commonly used term,dousche bag, or someone who is a terrible person, and who everyone thinks should be kicked in the balls, or punched directly in the ovary.
Man, those librarians are such baggers. I think that one should be punched in the ovary.
by Jonathan March 23, 2005
N: At Burger King when you take your food out of the bag and eat it sometimes you look back in and notice some fries fell out of the little cardboard thing. These are called baggers.
John: "I'm so fucking full, man."
Paul: *looks in bag* "Dude, you got, like, three fucking baggers in here!"
John: *burps*
Paul: *eats the baggers*
#fries #french fries #lone fries #tasty #onion rings
by Shidoni March 09, 2009
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