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Person that does everything the waiters don't wanna do.
Hey busser! go clean outside, that baby just puked!.
by M.M.M September 09, 2008
An employee who works at a restaurant whose responsibilities generally involve cleaning of tables and/or other messes, reset tables, and to assist servers when needed.
"Hey, can you get the busser over here to clean up this mess?"

"Hey, Busser, can you clear off table 6 and reset it?"
by Tricky Nikki January 13, 2009
High School kids who have to ride the bus, whose parents are too poor to buy them a car, and who have no friends with cars. Hence called 'bussers'. Looked down at by those who have cars to drive to school. Often lumped into the overall term: Baggers and Bussers
One high school kid to another: Here come the bussers. (as a bus empties students in front of a school)

Another: Mommy and Daddy are too poor to buy them cars.
by July 13, 2009
someone, generally a girl, who sleeps with a lot of people, as in, someone who people get on and off a lot.
That girl has been with every guy here. She's a total busser.
by 1/2pint March 22, 2014
A maker of barrels for the purpose of smuggling. Old French pirate term.
by Todd Riffles October 21, 2003
A whore

one sentence to describe it perfectly

overworked and underfucked
I hope that whore dies soon ....

and painfully
by Büsser January 16, 2005
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