Defines the plain and unexciting, based on the perceived dullness of an actual cheese sandwich. Often used in a relationship sense - i.e. a male/female who may be underachieving in terms of the attractiveness of their partner. In a more simple form, can be used by self-styled playas to question the excitement factor of committed, long-term relationships in general.
1. "Man, your girlfriend's ass is the size of Montana and her skin is the shade of newly fallen snow. Don't you get sick of eatin' that cheese sandwich?"

2. "I can't commit to her or anyone. I don't wanna be munchin' on a cheese sandwich for the rest of my life."
by Lazarus Ciccone September 01, 2005
v. to love, originating from a converstion in the film love and sex, where saying I love you, is compared to being as ordinary and easy to say as cheese sandwich.
I will always cheese sandwich you
by Geordie Nicole June 25, 2005
The phrase cheese sandwich refers to being stuck between two cars when driving on a multi-laned road. The two outer cars attempt to deny the middle drivers ability to pull off the road or to get away.
1) You have just been cheese sandwiched!

2) Cheese sandwhich him so he can't get away!
by Doyuppi September 11, 2009
insertion of a lactating nipple into ones spread open butt cheeks.
oh thats cool, ask her for a cheese sandwich
by virtual raine August 07, 2010
The sexual act in which three people engage in multiple 'sandwich' like positions. Lots of touching is involved. Best served with Blue Kool-Aid
"Dude, I had the BEST Cheese Sandwich at Katie's, it was totally raunchy!"
by Misty Mormon November 25, 2008
n. A sandwich made up of cheese and bread and any required condiments. v. a nonexistent action.
Dude, I'm gonna go have a cheese sandwich!

Dude, I'm gonna go cheese sandwich!
by Argus Mc.Warbonglemaster March 24, 2004
someone that is a complete douche bag.
1.You fucking cheese sandwich ass bitch!
2.Fuck you, you god damn cheese sandwich.
3.Quit being such a fucking cheese sandwich.
by Convrse27allstar May 31, 2006

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