A Baggers is what becomes of a man after he's been D.Frenched.
Baggers : "My life was going well as a highly paid TV talk show celeb. But after the Frenching. I'm just ... barely clinging on to my happieness..."
by TheBigRedButton April 28, 2011
French Fries left at the bottom of the bag
Brandon gave me a McDonalds bag with five baggers in it.
by Tsikniadopoulos(like the dino) March 31, 2010
Black person, from Will Smith's character in the movie Bagger Vance. Used because non-blacks can't use the n-word.
That bagger hasn't passed the ball once in this game.
by simmagus August 30, 2006
Someone who lays out in the sun to bronze their skin.
"I'm a bagger, dude. I bagged all day long."
by baggers anonymous September 11, 2013
A term used by wildland firefighters as a derogatory term to an individual or entire group or it can refer to any action of lower standards (ie, a bagger thing you did)

type 2 crews are NOT baggers, but they can be, but so can shots.
Look at that bagger falling out.

Nice job crapping in the black, what a bagger move.
by DlsC2 October 23, 2010
One who poops in bags , mainly because their too lazy to get up , and go to a washroom.
corinne - " damn.. i have to shit..and i'm too lazy to go to the bathroom "
- see's bag on floor -

dad picks up bag " WTF IS THIS . BAGGER!"
Nuff said.
by HonkeyLaver July 12, 2011
A golf caddie; a person who carries a golfer's clubs and performs such duties as finding golf balls, giving yardages, raking bunkers, replacing divots, and giving advice.
Jimmy can handle carrying two bags- he's a strong bagger.
by Paolo Angellini May 14, 2007
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