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Sheesh! I have seen this phrase misused a few times now (even in Roger Mellie's Profanisaurus!). Let me clear things up:
Saddlebags is a word to describe the bulging areas of fat on the upper outer thighs of ladies, in a way that resembles saddle bags being carries on a horse.
The expression was used in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. I can't remember exactly how though. It was something along the lines of:
Melissa Robinson claims she isn't fat. Ace says something along the lines of "yeh, whatever you say, saddlebags!"
by Bill-Car March 15, 2006
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they are extra storage of fat on each outer thigh...resembles a horse's saddlebag which is worn on each side of the ribs
She has nasty saddlebags
by toy October 19, 2003
are actually extra fat on the outter thighs not saggy boobs you D.A.
hereditary and usually occurs in horse riders
by Linda March 13, 2005
Disproportionately wide hips on a women who otherwise could be considered attractive.
She's an attractive lady even if she is packing saddle bags.
by Roland819 December 13, 2006
A sexual act similar to the teabag. You place a testicle on each side of a persons mouth and bounce up and down usually while the middle of your scrotum is being sucked.
Hey, I was thinking maybe we could saddle bag tonight.
by Josh Pritchett September 02, 2006
When you have a woman in the scissor position, drape your balls over her taint (like a saddle) and let each one of your nuts rest on each of her holes, causing suction on your balls
1. Get over here so I can saddlebag you underneath the coffee table you little whore

by Jsquizzles August 09, 2006
A person with large love handles.
My friend Fat Rob has saddlebags.
by The skinny Rob June 19, 2007

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