The most heavenly thing in the world.
John: What you eating?
Sarah: Heaven. A.K.A. Bacon
by ILikePancakes July 24, 2013
Pig meat (or turkey) sizzled to perfection, if u are hungry, its the ONLY thing on your mind. Like the t-shirt ad says; either you loke bacon or you're wrong!

The saltyness and the crispyness of da bacon makes it THE food of the well, um....... FOREVER!!!!!

Thank you God for giving thy bacon unto us!
by john jacob jinglehiemer schmit March 23, 2012
Money; especially, money that others are eyeing "hungrily" or are wishing that the owner would share more freely.
Girl #1: So what's your new guy like?
Girl #2: Oh, just your average typical pig --- generous with his sausage but stingy with his bacon!
by QuacksO September 30, 2011
1. Meat Candy
'nuff said
by Catherine Da Great April 17, 2011
Jesus Christ was born from the Virgin Mary. When he was a young boy, he was contacted by God and notified that he was the Son of God. In order to impress his father, he strived to have a book written about him. He was kind, generous, polite, and courteous to everyone he met, but this just wasn't good enough to inspire a biography. So one day, Jesus was baking bread to feed some local villagers who had no food. While Jesus was turned away from his oven, God zapped the bread, instantly turning it into enough bacon to feed Jesus' entire village. Until that day, bacon was a food that was only available in Heaven. However, mortals did not know of the existence of bacon, as many would have committed suicide in an attempt to get it. When Jesus took the bacon out of his oven, the smell instantly attracted anyone within a 10-mile radius. Jesus' house was almost instantly crowded with people, including, to his good fortune, some authors. The authors, immediately after tasting the bacon, said that they would write a whole book about him, and that one day he would be revered as the messiah of an entire religion. He didn't believe them at the time, but his skepticism was later adjourned. Everyone who tasted the bacon that was not an author became one of Jesus' followers, now known as Christians. Don't believe the farmer's lies....This is how bacon came to earth.
Hard Working Husband: What are you cooking woman?

Submissive Wife: Just some bacon Your Lordship

by Addiego April 26, 2010
AMERICA is almost as good as bacon
by the burnsite April 16, 2010
Made of nasty pig innerds, contains huge quantities of fat, and is cooked in its own grease. The best stuff on earth and a friend to all mankind.
Nigel: What is this heavenly, crispy substance?
Porter: That be the bacon, fool.
by Slayer0 March 31, 2010

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